With the first of March, we opened the doors of the Parma Restaurant and now we fly through with open wings for new experiences, new insights and common days. The collective consists of 8 hardworking people who devotedly and cheerfully serve, cook or simply profane wine glasses. Because we work with the heart and soul, our dishes also have a special charm and “homeliness,” but professionalism, in itself.

We can boast of top-quality dishes, which certainly pamper the taste feels of each of our guests. The food we serve is made locally and always fresh, so every guest can easily feel like at home. The meat we serve is exclusively of Slovenian origin. Seasonal offerings also give guests an opportunity to experience seasons through the taste. The pleasant ambience and relaxation of the collective conjures up a very special atmosphere.

With us you can taste all kinds of Italian food. From classics like Bolognese, to pure culinary experiences. Certainly we can boast Vegan spaghetti with tofu, which leaves every vegan speechless.For lovers of meat, we are very proud of preparing Steak with Truffles, which is a pure romance of flavors and so beautifully coincides with our intimate-romantic ambiance. And for an end we prepare you the best hot raspberries with ice cream. 

For vegans, for meat lovers, for sweeteners, for children, for grandmothers and grandfathers, … For people who are allowed to taste.


What do people say about us

Zelo dobra domaca hrana.
Tudi pohanio imajo, yuuumy?

Ana M.

Restavracija Parma